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About Us

We served pizza in New York over 16 plus years and New Yorkers loved it. We thought, let's take the flavor of the East Coast to the West Coast, so we picked up and moved to wonderful Vancouver, WA which we now love. We especially love our customers. They are wonderful. We know what good pizza is all about! We make our own dough. Blend our own sauce to perfection. Serve only the freshest ingredients. And use 100% Real Cheese. You can take it by the slice, or take it by the whole pizza. It's thin crust, hand tossed and stoned baked fresh hot truly NY style pizza, Pizza so good it makes you cry!

We're All About Good Food

We're passionate about making you great food that looks and taste good!

Our Philosophy

This is what good pizza is all about!  We make our own dough, blend our own sauce to perfection, serve only the freshest ingredients, and we use 100% Real Cheese.

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